Danica Jorgenson


Marketing Consultant


Danica received her Bachelors of Commerce in International Business from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business in 2017. Before graduation, Danica completed an eight month Marketing and Social Media internship with a local education based non-profit — accelerating her passion for aiding non-profits and small businesses in achieving positive marketing outcomes.

Danica is passionate about empowering individuals and strengthening communities. Her love of community has inspired Danica to volunteer her time to several organizations in Calgary over the years including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Calgary and Area, Out Run the Stigma Calgary and The Distress Centre of Calgary. Danica’s varied interests and passions including the arts, education, mental health, travel, languages and lifelong learning, allow her create meaningful and lasting connections; Connections that Danica strives to leverage to better understand and serve entrepreneurs.