Natasha galitsyna



Natasha started off her career in the Travel and Tourism industry after getting her diploma at SAIT. After a few years of working in the travel agency and in a couple hotels where she gained a lot of experience in hospitality, Natasha found her passion in accounting and decided to enroll at NAIT for a diploma in Accounting (which she is still completing). After joining our team, Natasha has gained a lot of experience in accounting and has transferred that knowledge to help our clients get organized with their finances.

As an immigrant from Ukraine, Natasha spent some time in different immigration programs; afterwards, she volunteered in summer camps for immigrants.

Natasha is also a proud mother of a beautiful daughter; she loves spending her free time with family. Recently, she has had an expansion in family: she has brought home a Black Russian Terrier from Ukraine named Anchar, this is very rare breed in Canada.

Natasha has a creative side as well; in her spare time she writes fantasy and adventure books.