Who we are

Fresh Angles was founded in 2016 built upon a passion for working with interesting ideas and individuals. We create change in our community by lending our skills to organizations experiencing change or growth. To date, our team has collaborated with 30+ clients and honed an innovative approach in bringing ideas to life.

As our namesake states, we see extreme value in bringing together diverse perspectives to take on change and challenges. Fresh Angles works with a diverse group of individuals, investors, industries, partners and team members to break traditional approaches and lay down new tracks.

If you are looking for ordinary, we are sorry but you're in the wrong place.

Outlandish The status quo is never our first choice
Empower Unlock the potential of others
Impact Create a difference for those we serve

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Meet Gary

A symbol of our creativity and culture


Gary is our Fresh Angles logo, an origami bird. He was always an outlandish, big thinker with tons of ideas that we adored.

This symbol reminds us that at  Fresh Angles  we will always consider the  “outlandish” to enable our clients with the best ideas.

Fresh Angles by the Numbers